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Industrial Construction

Industrial construction, a cornerstone of the company, occupies the largest portion of the company’s portfolio.

Operating primarily in the Oil and Gas sector, the company has earned praise for collaborating with major international entities, both abroad and in Italy, distinguishing itself for its workforce and safety merits.

The latest project, the largest ever awarded in its history, engaged the company, among other activities, in the construction of a reinforced concrete structure over 30 meters tall, with over 8,000 cubic meters of concrete laid, 3,000 cubic meters of scaffolding used for the works, and a peak workforce of over 300 people with over 180 different pieces of equipment deployed.


A few years after establishing itself in the construction sector, the decision was made to develop another highly sought-after business, especially within the Oil & Gas industry: insulation.

Thanks to the commitment of a dedicated staff, the company quickly established itself as a reference point for this type of activity throughout Italy. Over the years, investments have also been made to establish our own workshop for fabricating the sheet metal that will be used for insulation purposes.


The company is equipped with proprietary scaffolding, enabling it to compete for the construction of majestic and technically complex structures. Each project is accompanied by a design executed by a licensed engineer or architect, or by the foreman’s drawing based on the Ministerial Authorization of the scaffolding used. A construction scheme is drawn up for each of the components to be scaffolded, indicating the dimensions, number of levels, and maximum load capacity. The planimetric location and belonging area are also identified. The scaffolding decks are made of iron and anchored in accordance with ministerial authorization.

Fire Protection

The company has acquired significant expertise in the installation of lightweight cementitious fireproofing coatings on metal framework structures, various equipment, and has been authorized by AVI for the application of cement-based products. Additionally, it has received authorization from Carboline for the application of lightweight cementitious products for fireproofing coatings. It is also authorized by Perlite Italiana S.r.l., as a production licensee on behalf of Isolatek International, for the application of the ISOLATEK TYPE MII fire and hydrocarbon plaster in chemical and petrochemical plants.

Environmental Remediation

One of the company’s main focuses is undoubtedly environmental protection. Operating in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, the company offers its clients and suppliers the experience and expertise of its operators, providing reliable and environmentally friendly services. In this regard, one of the environmental protection activities carried out is the remediation of asbestos-containing materials. Through this activity, the company is able to remove all harmful materials, making the site healthy again.

Civil Construction

The initial activities in civil construction were indeed the springboard that enriched the company’s core business, thanks to the construction of various real estate units in Sicily.

To this day, the company confirms its commitment by constructing structures that increasingly comply with current regulations and the latest European standards, including increasingly green energy classes and high seismic resistance levels.


Also in the public sector, the company plays an effective role. The increasingly sought-after classifications in the market enable the company to compete for the award of high-profile public activities, such as roads, viaducts, and maritime works. One of the recent activities in which the company has been able to distinguish itself is the demolition of the existing pier, located on the island of Lipari, and the construction of a new pier with larger dimensions to allow better accommodation of boats and vessels.

Real Estate

Maiorana Costruzioni also plays a prominent role in the real estate sector. Through its subsidiary HLM, it has invested, among others, in the construction of a hotel located at the beginning of the Cape of Milazzo promontory in an exclusive residential area with green spaces and views of the sea and the castle of Milazzo. The structure is designed to offer guests the utmost comfort and technology. With a commitment to continuous research and innovation, the company has recently reaffirmed its love for its land, also from a culinary perspective, with the creation of a restaurant of rare charm that celebrates tradition as well as creative innovation to satisfy the most discerning palates.


The company is moving towards a path aligned with innovative technological solutions applied to the public and industrial sectors. It employs technicians capable of providing a wide range of services covering various sectors (Oil & Gas, public works, etc.) through the use of state-of-the-art software for the integrated management of procurement, expediting, and construction activities within EPC projects, new investments, and complex maintenance, aiming at optimizing production processes, increasing safety, and monitoring environmental protection systems.

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