Maiorana group was born in 1926. The founder Rocco Maiorana, anticipating the times, had identified and put into practice a company philosophy that had a priority objective: Quality.
Thanks to the wealth of experience handed down from generation to generation, thanks to continuous research, experimentation and innovation, it has today, in Maiorana Costruzioni S.r.l, reached very high quality standards. The modern equipment, the competence of technicians, managers and specialized workers, careful planning of the works which, thanks to the optimization of resources and operating times, translate into significant savings, effectively combine the right Quality / Price ratio in which the prevailing weight is reserved for Quality. The company applies a quality, safety and environmental management system. The current Quality System, applied according to ISO 9001: 2008, is always aimed at optimizing organizational efficiency, improving customer service and maintaining certification from a recognized certifying body. 18001: 2015, is aimed at guaranteeing maximum safety inside the workplace.Finally, the Environmental system, applied according to the ISO 14001: 2015 STANDARD, aims more and more to safeguard the environment in which we live.
Organization: Company is structured according to the following functions: Commercial - Technical / production - Quality, Safety and Environmental Assurance - Administration and management control - Personnel and Legal Area.
Staff characteristics: Company staff, in addition to the experience gained in the most varied sectors of work, from civil to industrial, has acquired, working for years in petrochemical industrial plants, a long and in-depth experience.
Vehicles and equipment: Company has a large fleet of earthmoving machines, trucks and cranes, and complete equipment suitable for the activities carried out. Furthermore, the Insulation Division has a modern pre-manufacturing workshop for insulation components, made with modern plasma cutting techniques, which allow high productivity and high standards in terms of precision and quality of the pieces.

Maiorana Costruzioni S.r.l. has adopted and implemented an Organization, Management and Control Model in order to prevent the commission of offenses pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

It consists of a "General Part" and a "Special Part" plus related attachments. An integral part of Model 231 is the "Code of Ethics" which defines the principles of conduct which Maiorana Costruzioni deems essential to comply with in carrying out its business. The Company promotes the widest dissemination and dissemination, both internally and externally, of the principles contained therein.

The task of supervising the observance and functioning of Model 231 has been entrusted to a Supervisory Body with independent powers of initiative and control.