Safety and health in the workplace is a commitment for everyone, which manifests itself not only in respecting safe and correct behavior in carrying out one's work, but also in constantly creating the most suitable conditions for this to happen. To this end, the Management of Maiorana Costruzioni S.r.l. has decided to implement and implement a Health and Safety Management System in the workplace in compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard, in compliance with the laws in force and taking into account the nature and size of the company's risks. The vision and the essential values ​​in terms of Safety and Health in the workplace of Maiorana Costruzioni S.r.l. they can be summarized in:

The management of health and safety at work and the results we obtain are an integral and essential part of the management of the company as well as the other results;
Work activities must never harm the health and safety of those who work;
Compliance with current legislation and applicable agreements is essential to any other consideration in the company's activity at all levels;
The responsibility in the management of the occupational safety and health management system, the commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of occupational safety and health belongs to all of us, each for their own skills, from the property to the individual worker;