Ricciardello (Ance Messina): Tremestieri, Finally we start again

"Seeing the presence of the Assessors for Public Works of the Region and Municipality of Messina on the construction site of the Port of Tremestieri is an important signal so that this vital work for the economy of the entire territory of the Metropolitan city is completed" The words of the President of Ance Messina Pippo Ricciardello are marked by trust in the institutions: “It almost seemed that this construction site was in limbo, due to insuperable technical and administrative problems. Perhaps the approach of November 2020, the completion date announced by the mayor De Luca two years ago, made everyone realize that solutions had to be found immediately and the words reported by the press spoken by Falcone and Mondello show us how the synergy between the bodies involved is the only way to go, not only in this case. We are, of course, alongside companies, but the conditions must be created so that the construction sites do not block for a very long time, as happened in Tremestieri or in other infrastructural works of vital importance for our territories, such as, for example, the viaduct. Retreat or via Don Blasco, where company and organizational structures of respectable size are involved with a significant impact on the employment and economic level. If the schedules are not respected - underlines the President Ricciardello - the workers go home or remain in layoffs, the companies keep the machines stopped, the materials are not sold and all the related industries lose the opportunity to produce in a moment which to the building crisis are added the uncertainties and fears related to the Covid emergency. Mondello said that it will take 660 days, therefore, practically, almost two years to see the port of Tremestieri completed, but he also pointed out that this depends on the large quantities of materials required and the complexity of some processes. Without going into the merits, we hope that these predictions are confirmed, but it gives us good hope that in this delicate political role there is a trained technician such as the councilor Mondello and we trust in his and the Mayor's ability to supervise and monitor all bureaucratic aspects. and administrative matters. If we add to this the proactive spirit with which Councilor Falcone approached this topic, with the contribution of a fundamental body such as the Port Authority, it will be possible to really implement a good practice and unblock the process of a job. up to now it has reached less than 10% of what was foreseen in the design phase. It would be a very important signal for our sector, caught in the grip of bureaucracy and conflicts between institutions, but above all for the entire citizenry. "

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