Milazzo, the new mayor Midili takes office

The new mayor Pippo Midili has already started working. No celebrations, but the need to deal with the emergencies that are now daily in the Palazzo dell’Aquila. From the waste issue to the instability, passing through different deadlines of regional and national calls that can give important resources for interventions in the video surveillance and sport sector. At the same time, efforts will also be made to take stock of the unstable issue, after the news of the transfer of just 10 per cent (3 million compared to the 30 requested) of the sums to start the transactions. Midili believes that, in any case, solutions must be found to speed up the closing times of the default.

Today was the first day in the city for the mayor. Accompanied by some advisers and sympathizers, he first of all wanted to greet all the staff of the institution, personally going to all the offices of the town hall and then met the three managers to take stock of the situation.
In addition to the issues mentioned above, the mayor asked for particular attention in the management of the Covid-19 emergency which seems to become such again and for this reason he urged the local police to intensify checks also in light of the latest provisions of the decree of the president of the cabinet.
"I made a first survey of the bureaucratic system - said Midili - focusing on the deadlines for the principle of continuity of administrative action. Then we will make the necessary choices on issues that also have a certain importance such as paid parking that we plan to reactivate soon and the environmental hygiene service that must get out of the logic of precariousness. I have in mind some solutions which political direction I intend to submit to the offices. Certainly we need to give answers to citizens. I am also keen to have a clear picture of the ports and already next week I will meet the president of the System Authority, Mega, to learn about the interventions and intentions concerning our city ".
On Monday there will be a meeting with the traders of the historic center, the restaurateurs and the representatives of the nurserymen.

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